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At Organic Worm Farm we take pride in our worms raising them in controlled environments to insure the healthiest worms whether for composting, fishing or your garden areas!

We offer an array of worms from Red Wigglers, African Nightcrawlers, European Nightcrawlers, Canadian Nightcrawlers, Alabama Jumpers as well as worm castings and supplies for starting your own worm farm such as Purina Worm Chow.

Red Worms

Bruce, AKA The Worm Expert, owns and operates Organic Worm Farm and has over 30 years experience in raising worms. He also writes on his blog and offers a periodic newsletter which helps others either start or in need of assistance with their own worm farms.

Organic Worm Farm ships live worms year round. When needed during the warmer weather cold packs are added. During winter months, 72 hour heat packs are added when required!

He is also the author of the Best Selling Book on the topic of worm castings which is a step by step guide to turn your worm bin over every 14 days.

"In the world of earthworms, there is perhaps no one more knowledgeable than South Carolina’s  “Worm Expert” Bruce Galle...

... Master Wormologist."

OutdoorLife Magazine

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We Ship Live Worms Year Round


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